make use of car wrapsWho needs to make the decision between auto paintwork or car wraps? It’s more common than you may think. Do you need a new look for your car at an upcoming auto show? Maybe you’re looking for the most cost-effective advertising for your business? Or perhaps you just want to turn heads as you soar down the highway.

Whatever the case, if you need to change the look of your car, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to use a car wrap or a paint job. While there are benefits to getting a paint job, car wraps may be the better solution depending on your needs.



Here are three reasons to choose car wraps when updating your car.

1) Cost: If you’re on a budget, you may want to steer away from paint work. Paint jobs can cost thousands of dollars. That’s because of the work involved. A good car paint job will involve sanding, painting as well as priming. The car is usually in the shop for upwards of two weeks.

If an auto body painter says that he can do the job for a few hundred bucks, he is probably not putting in the extra work or is using a low grade paint. The paint job will not look good and will be ruined in a few years. Car wrap installation, on the other hand, is much less expensive. It can cost half as much or even less.

2) Adaptability: Let’s say you own a small business and want to use automobile advertising as a means to marketing. It makes sense because automobile advertising is literally a moving billboard. In this case, you’re going to want to shop car wraps because of their adaptability. A company’s info and graphics can change. If you have text or an image on your automobile, you’ll want to make sure that they are current.

If not, you’re going to need to make a change. Updating a paint job can be very costly. It’s much more practical and less time-consuming to use car wraps.

3) Innovations: The sky is the limit with car wraps when it comes to car graphics. You can convert your picture or artwork into a digital image. All car wraps are created digitally, so you can incorporate your images anyway you want. Additionally, you can preview the wrap before it’s installed on your car, so you’ll exactly how the wrap will look. You will have enhanced detail that a paint job couldn’t come close to.

These are just several of the many reasons you may want to consider purchasing car wraps. Whether you’re looking for the edge in a show or the competitive business world, car wraps can help you stand out and shine.