Want a new look for your laptop, phone, motorcycle or skateboard? Try a digital printed vinyl wrap! Vinyl wraps are extremely versitile and have high quality digital graphics from your own design or our in house team at Cliff Digital can create one for you!

Want a tough look for your technology? Try the new carbon fiber vinyl wrap on your cell phones, laptops, pda, smartphone, iPad and more! Carbon fiber wrap looks like carbon fiber (an extremely expensive material made with an excellent weight to strength ratio) and give your iphone hard cases a tough look!

Are you the ultimate video gamer? Do you have your new favorite game decking your Xbox 360 Elite consol? Wrap any video game consol with vinyl graphics. Not only can you theme vinyl graphics to your favorite video game, you will also be protecting the case of the consol from dust and light scratches.

Customize your gaming consol with graphics!

You will customize your consols or else!

Vinyl wraps are better than paint! Don’t spend your hard earned money on expensive detailing and customization when you can get professional looking results at a fraction of the time and cost.

Many musicians are now wrapping their equipment and intruments with digital printed vinyl wraps of their band logos and other graphics. Vinyl wrap DJ equipment, speakers, amps, kick drum and guitars and give it a sweet custom look for a fantastic price!

Skateboarders and snowboarders are giving up the traditional painted on graphics for digitally printed vinyl wraps coated with a protective resin or shellac.

Vinyl vehicle wraps are printed vinyl wraps for use on cars, shuttles, trucks, trailers, motorhomes and more. We wrap all size vehicles including your model cars! Turn your model car into an exact replica of your dream car with vinyl wraps!