Direct to Print T-shirtThere are many advantages to using t-shirts as part of your advertising. They offer a great low cost way to advertise your company.

Many companies are choosing to use custom t-shirts as part of their ongoing advertising campaigns. They are a cost effective way to promote your company, and you are in control of the design so that it reflects aspects of your company that you are trying to promote. T-shirts allow you the opportunity to reach large groups of prospective customers for a low cost.

There are many ways that your company can promote themselves by using t-shirts. Many companies choose to offer t-shirts to customers when they visit their store as a way to drive in more traffic. This method not only brings prospective customers to you, but while they are there they may also find something else that they are looking for. This is a low cost and effective way to draw more traffic into your site and store, many people will visit a site or store just for the promotional item but once they are there a large percentage will also make a purchase.

If your company is holding a grand opening type of celebration t-shirts would make an excellent type of prize or giveaway. People love to receive a free gift, or the chance to win a prize, this alone will increase the visibility and visitors to your celebration. By using t-shirts as part of your advertising you will receive more attention in the long run than if you chose to just run print ads. If your t-shirt design is attractive and eye catching people will take notice and remember your company.

Because of the higher quality material that t-shirts are made from now, your design will have the potential to outlast any print ads or other forms of advertising your company is using. People will more than likely keep your company’s t-shirt for years as opposed to just seeing your ad in the paper where it will soon be forgotten, t-shirts offer your company a somewhat permanent advertising campaign.