Many businesses today use magnetic signs on their vehicles to help advertise their business. Signs that use principles of good design attract more consumer attention. The following five design tips will help businesses put together an effective magnetic sign design.




Magnetic Sign Design Tips

Many business names are not descriptive of the products and services they offer. These businesses may have been named for the owners, such as Bob Owner & Sons. They may have been named for the region, such as Southwest Texas Equipment Co. In cases like these, magnetic signs should be designed to let potential customers know what the company actually does in addition to the name of the business.

Magnetic signs are often viewed from a distance. Font type, weight and size should be chosen to maximize visibility. A mono-space font, such as Courier, is often used. Decorative script type fonts should in most cases be avoided.

Most signs are printed with black text on a white background. If given the option to use other colors, businesses should be sure to select colors with a high level of contrast between the background and text. Poor contrast decreases readability and lessens the advertising impact the sign will have.

Graphics can make a magnetic sign design pop. Some sign design companies have a collection of clip art that businesses can use to enhance their magnetic sign design. Images may include light bulbs, dollar signs and other simple images. Depending upon the type of printing process used by the sign printer, there may be a limitation on the number of colors that can be used in a sign design. This can limit the type of art that can be used on the sign.

Signs can be printed on a variety of materials. Since signs will be installed on vehicles, they will need to be able to withstand the ravages of weather and still look good. A thick, durable vinyl is used for most magnetic signs because of this. The material should have some flex to allow it to mold to the shape of the vehicle. Some signs have only small magnetic strips to attach them to the vehicle. These are less expensive but do not look as neat installed as signs that have a full magnetic back.

Placing Magnetic Signs on Vehicles

Ideally, each vehicle should have two magnetic signs installed. One should be placed on the drivers side door and the other on the passengers side door. This ensures signs are visible from both sides of the vehicle. Businesses may wish to consider pairing their magnetic signs with vinyl lettering on rear windshields to maximize visibility of their advertising message.