banners for trade showsOne of the best ways to promote your business to your customers and to network with others in your industry is through the use of trade shows. There have been some studies which have found that over three fourths of the people who visit trade shows come to make a decision about what they should buy, and over two thirds of them expect to buy at least one item. At the same time, if you aren’t promoting yourself properly, you won’t get the attention that you need in order to sustain your business.

Perhaps the most important thing that you should do in order to promote yourself during a trade show is take advantage of large format banners and printing. While these can be found at fairly reasonable prices, they do a tremendous amount to provide you with a professional appearance.

1. Get Attention

To get the most out of large format printing, you will need to make sure that the designs are top notch, and that they are printed using state of the art technology. Human beings are visual creatures, and they also tend to make up their mind about something in the first few seconds of interaction. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your potential customers as they walk past your booth.

2. Be Bold and Simple

Generally speaking, the most eye catching prints are bold and fairly simple. If they are too complex, there is simply too much information for the customer to absorb, and they will dismiss most of it. Finding the perfect balance between boldness and simplicity can be hard, but it is vital in order to capture attention.

3. Don’t Boast

When choosing a message, make sure that it is not too hard a sell. We live in a society where marketing messages are everywhere. We have been exposed to them since we were children, and have learned a long time ago that most of the promises are empty. The best way to capture the attention of a potential customer is with a message that grabs attention, but doesn’t seem marketing-oriented. The message should pique visitor’s curiosity.

4. Stand Out

The key to success in trade shows, and in business in general, is to demonstrate how you are different. If your banner looks the same as everybody else’s, you will be ignored. If you try to copy the one who has achieved the most success, you will fail. Find your niche, and stick to it.