Product Packaging Design

Prototype packaging and product comps are company logos, designs and lettering on the product’s boxes, cups, cans, tubes, bottles, bags, and jars so a buyer can easily identify your product, distinguish your product from others or give you the ability to brand your product in the marketplace.

Almost every product sold in the marketplace has a distinct design that sets them apart from others. Things like music CDs, software, movie DVDs, drinks, beauty products, food products, paper products, automotive parts, clothing, household items and much more use product packaging.

A customized box containing binoculars.
A group of four prototype packaging bottles sitting on top of a table.

The Importance of Packaging

A packaging comp enables you to add value to the product you sell and the brand you promote by bringing both together in the consumer’s mind.

At Cliff Digital of Los Angeles, we understand how important it is to make your brand leap out and grab a consumer’s attention from crowded retail shelves. With decades of experience in comps packaging, we have many resources and experience we can utilize to make your product, no matter what shape, size or material!

Product Packaging and Prototype Reproduction

The first “must” in good product reproduction or branding is creating a true-to-color comp. Having products that reflect a good color palette or match existing colors exactly is essential for product comps or product prototypes.

At Cliff Digital of Los Angeles, our team of expert technicians can make exact product replicas in their true colors – something copier and laser-generated mock-ups simply cannot do. We can produce packaging comps in any hue and any combination of colors.

A variety of skin care products.
A variety of cosmetic hair products.

Popular Packaging Requests

  • Design demonstration and presentation
  • Brand launch or prototyping
  • “Hero” photography props
  • Movie and commercial props
  • Exhibit/trade show samples
  • Cosmetics and health products
  • Retail packaging
  • Production prototypes