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At Cliff Digital, we have many options that will create the beautiful custom product packaging or prototype packaging comps you are looking for. Our product packaging services range from simple product packaging mock ups to elaborate direct proof processes. Our team of product package designing experts, we can produce a product packaging design (prototype packaging) that fits your style, needs and budget. Best of all, Cliff Digital has been providing product packaging comps for over 40 years!

Product Packaging Design – Prototype Packaging

Looking to create prototype packaging or decorate personal items such as bags, garments, laptops, skateboards and electric guitars? At Cliff Digital, with a large variety of product packaging and prototype packaging applications, we can custom design a product comp or a prototype packaging that is not only durable and attractive.

Need design help? Whether you have the entire product or prototype packaging designed or not, our graphic designers are trained to take your product from start to finish with expert product design advice and experience! Our graphic artists can also paint, screen print designs, add tints (to clear or frosted bottles and jars), create colorful labels and so much more. We can even embellish your prototype packaging designs with textures, varnishes and embossing.

Direct Proof/Foil Transfer Laptop Prototype

A table displaying a product of wine in Los Angeles.

Product Packaging Design – Color Transfers

At Cliff Digital, we specialize in creating a product packaging design with our color transfers technology. Color transfers (also called Letraset transfers, Chartpak or rub on transfers) in product packaging design provides more flexibility when creating intricate or smaller details on products. Color transfers can be applied to most mediums including glass, metal or plastic product packaging. Color transfers on product packaging is an excellent choice when trying to make it look as if the graphics were printed or painted on right on the surface of the product packaging. Rub-on transfers come in a variety of colors or even a combination of colors, foils, pearlescents, fluorescents or metallics. Click here to view our product packaging design gallery using our rub on transfer process.

Product Packaging Design – Shrink Wraps and More

Cliff Digital offers digitally printed vinyl shrink wraps which are “shrink-wrapped” to fit snuggly around plastic product packaging, cans, bottles, glass jars and many other product packaging materials.

There are many benefits to using the vinyl shrink-wrapping method of product packaging design. Shrink wraps are perfect for food product packaging or drink bottles with many contours. Vinyl product packaging shrink wraps can create elaborate designs like our direct proof processes, but are generally more cost effective.

We can also produce paper and poly bags in a variety of colors. Click here to see our product packaging and prototype packaging gallery.

A designed green bottle with a bird picture on it from Los Angeles.
Screen Printing- T-Shirts, Apparel, Signage & Products

Product Packaging Design – Screen Printing

Cliff Digital continues to offer screen printing services for use in product packaging and prototype packaging and we can screen print to almost all fabrics and various other materials like plexiglass, metal, wood, vinyl (including static cling vinyl), Crack n’ Peel, magnetic signage, foamcore, plastic, adhesive-backed acetate, glass and so much more.

Besides product packaging, other popular screen printed products include signage, posters, artwork, binders, marketing materials, promotional items and movie props and replicas.

We can also screen print to various other products including: Click here to get screen printed product packaging and prototype packaging ideas.

Product Packaging Applications

  • Box Packaging
  • Bottle Packaging
  • Plastic Product Packaging
  • Poly Bag Packaging
  • Prototype Packaging
  • Glass Jars
  • Metal Cans
  • Paper Cups
  • Paper Labels
  • Movie Props
  • Personalizing Products
  • Mock ups
A group of skin care products with unique packaging designed in Los Angeles.