Rub-on transfers offer many advantages over other adhesive methods. Their appearance is smooth, clean, and very professional. The dry rub-on transfer decal is a product that can be adapted to any type of decoration. It also gives an added value to your product.

Our rub-on transfers are high-performance products with excellent longevity and exceptional resistance. Besides, they are very easy to apply. You can achieve a result of impeccable quality and without having to wait for hours.

Rub-on Transfers

A rub-on transfer is an imprint of an image, text, logo, or directional figures on a translucent sheet. The back of the design has a layer of adhesive. It allows you to transfer the visual from the translucent sheet to another surface. To do this, apply light pressure by rubbing on the surface of the transfer.

You can use this technique on most surfaces as long as they are free of dust, grease, and oil. The dry transfer can adapt to any type of support, whether it is smooth, curved, or grained. You must apply it on a clean and dry surface that has been well cleaned with a little alcohol. It has excellent resistance to: