The Appeal of Color Transfers

The timeless appeal of Rubdown color transfers is undeniable and Cliff Digital offers custom rubdown color transfers to give your ideas the quality presentation they deserve. We can apply a rubdown color transfer (print transfer) to many surfaces, such as product prototypes, package designs, bottles, tubes, cups, jars, cans, signage, labels, models, graphics, and props.

Custom rubdown color transfers still are a vital component in design presentation. Rubdown color transfers are essential to museums, exhibits and displays, store fronts, vehicle and aircraft restoration, and prototype packaging comps. Click here see our Rubdown color transfer gallery

A couple of heart-shaped boxes on a table.

Color Transfers Reinvented

A blue box with a cross on it and two hearts decorated with rub-on transfers.

Rubdown color transfers now have the ability to be printed in any color, including metallic foils, fluorescent, transparent, glossy, satin or opaque shades which make them extremely popular in scrapbooking, gift boxes, stationery, wedding accessories and product packaging.

In particular, foil print transfers can add that certain gleem to product packaging such as in medicines, toothpaste, beauty products, chewing gum and software. Both foil transfers and non Foil Transfers are also used on magazines, movie posters, signs, stationery and so much more! Click here to learn how we make a foil print transfer and how to apply a Rubdown color transfer.

Rubdown color Transfers, Letraset and Chartpak

There are many names including brand names, like Chromatech, Letraset and Chartpak that refer to the rubdown color transfer technology and process. Letraset is the actual manufacturing company of transfers, but the name is now used to refer to any sheet of dry transferable lettering. Chromatech is a brand name of product transfers. Prior to current print transfer technologies such as vinyl lettering and rubdown color transfers, Letraset lettering was commonly used by graphic artists and advertisers to create clean detailed lettering. Internegative Transfers which are commonly known by its acronym INTs describes the rubdown color transfer process of printing on a pressure-sensitive film which make rub-on transfer logos, lettering and graphics.

Common Names for Rubdown Color Transfers:

  • Letraset Transfers
  • Chromatech Transfers
  • Chartpak Lettering
  • Dry Transfers
  • INTs (Internegative Transfers)
  • Rubdowns
  • Ruboffs
  • Rub-on (RubOn) Transfers
  • Transfer Type
  • Dry transfer lettering
  • Museum label dry transfers
  • Art gallery wall labels