A person using scissors to cut out rub transfers from paper at a table.

Letraset Transfers and Lettering

Letraset transfers, also called Rubdown color transfers, rub-on transfers or simply by the brand name Letraset, is great for both temporary use or permanent. Wondering if Letraset transfers or Letraset lettering is right for your project? Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding color transfers or Letraset lettering and we will gladly answer them for you!

Make Your Own Letraset Transfers

Letraset transfers are perfect for your scrapbooking and graphic art projects. Want to learn how to color transfers (Letraset) are made?  See our Letraset Transfers video below!

Letraset Transfers Video Tutorial

Please check out the quick informative video we have made to show you how easy it is to apply Rubdown color transfers and Letraset. Other things you should know about Letraset transfers or Letraset lettering :

  • Letrasets are extremely easy to apply
  • Letraset lettering will work on most clean, smooth and dry surfaces
  • Letraset transfer can be sprayed with a coat of Clearcoat to make it last longer.
  • Letrasets show better detail at smaller sizes
  • Letraset transfers are perfect for that painted on look without the mess!

Letraset Transfers Instructions

A person is holding a piece of paper with colorful leaves lettered on it.

The color transferring process is simple:

  1. Make sure surface of your choice is clean and dry.
  2. Place the color transfer face down on the surface.
  3. For a larger color transfer (rub-on transfer), tape may be necessary to keep the transfer in place.
  4. Using a wooden stick or a burnishing tool, you simply rub small sections of the image at a time until the entire graphic is transferred.
  5. Then gently remove the INT substrate.
  6. If you are working on plastic, glass, wood or metal, a coat of Clear Cote or clear varnish can be used to protect the transferred image and extend its life significantly.