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Vehicle Wrap Warranty Information

At Cliff Digital of Los Angeles, we warranty our installations. If your wrapped vehicle is in a car accident, that portion of the wrap can be replaced. However, the vinyl manufacturers warranties cover their vinyl materials and come with their own manufacturer’s warranties.

A seal warrant with a ribbon around it for printing.

Vehicle Wrap Care


A vinyl vehicle wrap normally lasts three to four years. If cared for properly and garaged, printed vinyl last many years longer. The Cliff Digital comprehensive vehicle care and cleaning guide will help you get the most life out of your vinyl car wrap. Click here to download vehicle wrap care and cleaning instructions in PDF format.

The best care for your vehicle or car wrap is to have the car garaged and cleaned often. Waxing must be done with a non-Carnauba Wax.

Removing a Vehicle Wrap

The longer the wrap or vinyl lettering is on your vehicle exposed to the sun or extreme cold, the more difficult it is to remove. Generally wraps should be removed every 3 years. They usually come off easier in the summer when it is warm or we use heat to remove them in the winter.

Causes of Vehicle Wrap Damage

vinylrepairsUsually factory painted vehicles are completely safe for vinyl wraps and vinyl lettering. Wrapping your vehicle or removing an older car wrap might damage your unbaked non-factory paint job.

The risk of paint peeling off with a vinyl wrap increases with the length of time the wrap was allowed to sit in the sun. Accessory parts of the cars can be affected for example plastic and rubber parts, trim around windows that may be painted, etc. Repeated wrapping and rewrapping can eventually take the paint off over a period of years.

Damage to the vinyl car wrap itself can be caused by a rare and little known atmospheric condition similar to acid rain in specific locations around the globe. Please refer to our care guide for more information.